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5 days and 4 nights

Rio Grande Valley –3 days in the Ranch

Tour Information

Tropical Photo tours- Best Texas bird photo tours

South Texas emerges as an idyllic haven for avid birdwatchers, a veritable paradise awaiting their lens. The Rio Grande Valley, a symphony of opportunity, extends a haven to both the committed and the budding bird photographers. A three-day sojourn unfolds, leading us to a cherished family-owned ranch just north of Edinburg, Texas.

Amidst this rich canvas lies a family’s legacy, a 700-acre private ranch cloaked in pristine brushland. Here, the pulse of the land and its inhabitants quickens, beckoning us to capture its stories through our lenses. Here, within this sanctuary, we embark on a visual odyssey. Our days are drenched in the art of capturing fleeting moments from carefully crafted hides. These enclaves are more than just spaces; they’re the legacy of photographers for photographers. In this realm, we align with various species that grace the valley, both year-round residents and intrepid migrants.

Sunrise and sunset, the golden hours, unveil a theater of light meticulously designed for the lens. Submerged beneath the earth’s embrace, these professional below-ground photo blinds bring us eye-level with wildlife, crafting backgrounds as warm and creamy as a painter’s stroke. Our subjects come alive amidst these settings, focused, vibrant, and tangible. Positioned around watering holes, the hides orchestrate a perfect choreography, placing us at the heart of wildlife’s daily rituals – feeding and quenching their thirst. Our journey through these lenses includes a pair of morning hides, two evening sanctuaries, and a special raptor blind, ensuring constant engagement amidst nature’s drama.


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We strongly recommend you purchase trip insurance that includes trip cancellation and medical coverage while overseas.

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Internet Access

Most lodges have free WIFI in the reception/dining area.

Tropical Photo tours- Texas bird photo tours


McAllen International Airport must be your arrival and departure airport

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Electrical outlets are US-style. Those coming from Europe or Asia may need travel adapters. We will send more info after signup.


Main Tour – Maximum 6 – 8 people per group.
Session 1: May 27- May 31, 2024 (8 Seats available)

Tour Motive

Our thoughtfully curated South Texas bird photo tours at the Ranch, are where the mornings and evenings unfold in perfect light. Guided by experts, our sessions in purpose-built photography blinds let you capture the vibrant hues of South Texas birds – in-flight or at rest, against pleasing backgrounds. And don’t miss the chance to photograph visiting Raptors, enhancing the richness of your experience.

Tropical Photo tours- Best Texas bird photo tours

Photo Opportunities

  1. Opportunity to capture moments with the Green Jay, Northern Bobwhite Quail, Crested Caracara, Curve-Billed Thrasher, and a variety of other species.
  2. Receive expert guidance in guided photography from skilled local professionals, ensuring exceptional images of target species and beyond.
  3. Engage in a specialized hide photography opportunity, allowing you to learn and gain hands-on experience with essential photography techniques.

Cost (In USD)

  1. $2185 for shared accommodation
  2. $2385 for single suppliment.

Email us at info@tropicalphototours.com or call us at +1-512-508-6914/512-806-6469 if you’d like to talk first.

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