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8 days and 7 nights

Pantanal Photo Safari (North Pantanal and Southwild Pantanal)

Tour Information

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Brazil has one of the richest bird diversities in the world. The avifauna of Brazil include a total of 1822 confirmed species of which 238 are endemic. Brazil’s biodiversity and ease of access to wildlife make it a very popular destination for bird photographers from around the world. Join us in a quest to see some of the most vibrant fauna that the country has to offer from the Atlantic rainforests to the coasts of Rio De Janeiro.

Brazil hosts such extraordinarily different areas, from the vast Amazon Basin to the largest natural wetland area on Earth, the Pantanal, which are home to some of the most threatened animals on the planet. On top of that you have a myriad other habitats including wet montane forest, salt lagoons, and coastal scrub, to name but a few, and our tours are designed to give you a good insight into the rich variety of Brazilian birding sites.

14 days venturing into the wetlands of the NORTH & SOUTH PANTANAL PHOTO SAFARI
which is the world’s largest tropical wetland, covering over 70,000 square miles—an area the size of Washington State—in the smack-dab center of South America. Stretching across the Brazilian states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul (also spilling into Bolivia and Paraguay) the Pantanal is the world’s largest inland wetland area. While the Amazon gets more credit, the Pantanal’s open spaces offer the best opportunities for spotting animals in their natural habitats in Brazil.

Our all-inclusive itinerary ensures the photography is done at safer locations and provides a lifetime experience of the wetlands of northern Brazil and Atlantic Rainforests. We work closely with the local expert guides and our team with technical ability ensure you enhance your photography techniques as you capture these diverse species.


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Please consult with your doctor regarding general travel vaccinations and check the CDC website for more information.

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We strongly recommend you purchase trip insurance that includes trip cancellation and medical coverage while overseas.

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Internet Access

Most lodges have free WIFI in the reception/dining area.

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You should arrive to and depart from Brazil's Guarulhos-Governador André Franco Montoro International Airport. Our representative will be waiting to provide your private transfer to a hotel near the capital city of Sao Paulo.

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All of our services are conducted by fully licensed travel, lodge, and transport operators. This is part of our commitment to providing a professional travel experience.

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Electrical outlets are US-style. Those coming from Europe or Asia may need travel adapters. We will send more info after signup.


Main Tour – Maximum 6 – 8 people per group.

Session 1: Jul 26- Aug 8, 2023 (full)
Session 2: Aug 11- Aug 22, 2023 (full)
Session 3: Oct 15- Oct 22, 2024 (3 seats available)

Tour Motive

Our well planned bird photography tour in Brazil  Pantanal will focus on the beautiful and diverse tropical birds the country has to offer. The itinerary offers photographers abundant opportunites to capture birds on feeders as well in their natural habitat. Our North Pantanal tour focuses on spotting the mighty Jaguar along with other local avifauna. Well guided boat safaris with local expert guidance to ensure we get good photographs during the tour.
Our tour starts in Campo Grande and ends in Sao Paulo.

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Photo Opportunities

  • Opportunity to photograph the specialities like the Saffron Toucanet, Green-headed tanager, Olive-green tanager and more!
  • Northern Pantanal tour highlights include Jaguars, Toucans, Macaws, Ocelots, Tapirs and many more!
  • Bird photography at feeders and experience to stay and enjoy the world’s largest tropical wetland, featuring an abundance of bird and wildlife species
  • Guided photography with expert guidance to make the best images of the target species and more.
  • Technical photography experience like Multi-flash Hummingbird Photography.
  • An overview of photography techniques in tropical habitat, what settings to use etc Expert guidance during photographys sessions on using fill-flash in overcast conditions
  • Our all-inclusive tours help you enjoy a stress-free, photography focussed days coupled with local lodging and culinary experience.

Cost (In USD)

Pantanal North $6850 per person in sharing accommodations/ $600 in a single supplement
South Extension $3750 (Single supplement $4200)

Email us at or call us at 1-512-508-6914/1-512-806-6469 if you’d like to talk first.
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