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Every venture starts with a vision. A vision that shapes what a company is made of.
We started Tropical Photo Tours, with a clear motive of helping photographers, nature-lovers and wildlife conservationists witness and experience the beauty of Tropical Rainforests in Central & South America, ensuring we stay true to the ethics of the regions.Since our inception, we have curated unique Bird Photography travel tours, customized Photography Travel Tours and fun-filled photography sessions in over 5 countries!Our aim is to make wildlife photography accessible to everyone!


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Founder & Expert Tour Leader

An ace birdwatcher and photographer from India, Supreet's work has been featured in reputed publications like the BBC Earth, National Geographic Spain and Sanctuary Asia.

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Surela loves to write on a variety of subjects like health, fashion, food, travel, Birding Tours and socially relevant introspective articles. Her forte lies in research and searching for the tiny details.

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Naturalist & Expert

Jorge's passion for birds developed at 15 years old and his inquisitiveness compelled him to pursue the nature and the beautiful species it had to offer. Jorge's aim is to make this company the best bird photography tour company in Latin America!

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Social Media & Marketing

Matt is a bird photography enthusiasts from the New England area. His passion for Birding and bird photography started when his now Fiancé introduced him to the world of birds. They travel all across the globe in search of different species working on getting those perfect shots!


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Managing Director

With her Consulting and Client Support experience, she plays a vital role in achieving seamless customer experience and suggesting methods to enhance company’s work plans.

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