Our Vision

Every venture starts with a vision. A vision that shapes what a company is made of.
We started Tropical Photo Tours, with a clear motive of helping photographers, nature-lovers and wildlife conservationists witness and experience the beauty of Tropical Rainforests in Central & South America, ensuring we stay true to the ethics of the regions.Since our inception, we have curated unique Bird Photography travel tours, customized Photography Travel Tours and fun-filled photography sessions in over 5 countries!Our aim is to make wildlife photography accessible to everyone!


Supreet Sahoo Sir | Tropical Photo Tours


Founder & Expert Tour Leader

Meet Supreet Sahoo, the passionate founder of Tropical Photo Tours. Born in India and currently residing in Austin, USA, Supreet is an avid birdwatcher and photographer with a deep love for the natural world. With years of on-field experience in tropical bird photography across Latin America, he has developed a profound understanding and appreciation for the diverse wildlife and avian species found in these regions.Driven by his vision to raise awareness about the incredible biodiversity and birdlife in these tropical countries, Supreet founded Tropical Photo Tours in 2017. Through carefully crafted itineraries, he aims to provide bird enthusiasts and photographers with immersive experiences in some of the most biodiverse regions on the planet.

Magdalena | Tropical Photo Tours


Operations Manager

Hailing from the picturesque valley of Turrialba, Costa Rica, Magdalena Sanchez is a seasoned professional in the birding industry. With over a decade of experience, Magdalena has led tours in a multitude of countries, including Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania, Bhutan, and India. Her expertise and passion for avian exploration make her an invaluable asset to the team.At Tropical Photo Tours, Magdalena serves as our Operations Manager, overseeing the seamless execution of every tour. Her attention to detail ensures that all operational procedures run smoothly, allowing our guests to fully immerse themselves in their birdwatching adventures. As a tour leader and accomplished photographer, herself, Magdalena brings a unique perspective and an artistic eye to our tours.

Hima 1 | Tropical Photo Tours


Project Manager

With a background in ecology, Hima Hariharan is our Project Manager at Tropical Photo Tours. She is the driving force behind our website and newsletter, ensuring that our communications are informative, engaging, and visually captivating. Working alongside Magdalena, Hima assists in managing the operational aspects of our tours. In addition to her managerial responsibilities, Hima is also an avid birdwatcher herself. You will often find her immersed in the wilderness, whistling back to the birds and capturing their essence through her lens.

Our Locations

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MapChart Map copy compressed | Tropical Photo Tours


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