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Costa Rica Wildlife Photography Tour

Costa Rica is the world’s most stunning tropical paradise and one has to see it to believe its ethereal beauty. It is not surprising that Costa Rica hosts 5% of Earth’s biodiversity in just 0.1% of the landmass. Hence, this Central American country has a befitting name which means ‘Rich Coast’ that will never be an exaggeration! The verdant forest is a home to more than 900 species of birds, multicolored butterflies, mammals, vibrant-hued frogs, and queer looking reptiles all waiting to be captured by your lenses. Not just birds, the mystical cloud forests hosts a wide variety of flowering plants for a nature lover to admire. This makes the place a Mecca for wildlife, bird and nature photographers alike. Those who are looking out for landscape photography in Costa Rica, you will be spoilt for choice, as there are sky high waterfalls, active volcanoes, exotic beaches, and lush green tropical forest to greet you along the way.

What to See

In Costa Rica Pura Vida which means ‘pure life’ is not just a commonly used phrase but a way of life. Here, Nature will be your perfect host. To get you acquainted with the abundant natural tapestry, our master photographers and tour leaders will guide you through three different kinds of rain-forest habitats to acquaint you with the elusive birds who are its prized inhabitants. Each rain-forest hosts its special type of bird species endemic to the region. Here are some birds that you will get to see in the Costa Rican rainforests-

  • Keel Billed Toucan
  • Resplendent Quetzal
  • Honeycreepers
  • Parrots
  • Red-Eyed tree frogs
  • Eyelash Viper
  • Montezuma Oropendula
  • Chestnut Mandibled Toucan
  • Rufous Tailed Hummingbird
  • Talamanca Hummingbird
  • Fiery Throated Hummingbird
  • Brown-hooded parrots
  • Crowned Woodnymph
  • White-necked Jacobin
  • Green-breasted Mango
  • Scaly-breasted Hummingbird
  • Scarlet and Green Macaws
  • Violet Sabrewing
  • Green Hermit
  • Purple Throated Mountain Gem
  • Green-Crowned Brilliant
  • Hairy and Acorn Woodpeckers
  • Golden-Brown Chlorophonia
  • Long Tailed Silky Flycatcher
  • Coppery-headed Emerald
  • Green Thorntail
  • White-bellied Mountain Gem
  • Black-Bellied Hummingbird
  • Sooty Robin
  • Large Footed Finch

• Spend 10 nights and 11 days in the lush green Costa Rican rainforest
• Shoot a variety of unique and rare birds under the guidance of experienced photographers
• Learn how to create perfect setups while shooting the elusive birds and create well composed and sharp images
• Learn how to use multiple-flash photography the correct way
• Learn how to use subtle lighting while shooting in the wild especially with a cloud cover
• Learn post-processing techniques to get clear and natural images
• Enjoy landscape and nature photography in dreamy locales

Nov 11th-21st ,2019(New tour, enquire now by contacting us)
Nov 22nd – Dec 1st, 2019 (2 open spots)

Departure Dates for 2020:

March 2nd – 10th 2020
March 13th – 21st 2020
Apr 6th – 14th 2020
Nov 10th – 18th 2019/20
June 15th – 23rd 2019/20 /
Nov 21st – 29th 2019/20

Read all the terms and conditions before signing in
You can reach out to me through the contact form
If you are interested in a customized tour please let us know by writing to us

It is advisable that you carry your longest telephoto lens which is 300mm or more. A full frame camera is great to have for such trips. Also, pack a ton of memory cards with you. A macro lens is highly recommended. A sturdy tripod and monopod are required. Since the rainforests are cloudy and there can be rain anytime so better carry a rain jacket or coat with you.

Apart from camera gear, you should also carry your laptop, some silica gel sachets to keep your equipment dry, memory card readers, bug spray and a sunscreen along with you.

Basic use of fill flash while shooting birds in a tropical forest setting
Selecting the spots and setting up of perches
How to process the images one clicked using Lightroom and Photoshop

We don’t take more than 8 participants and keep the group small so that we can give special attention to each guest and provide them with a unique experience that they will always cherish.


This tour package costs USD 4000 per person in twin occupation or shared basis. Those who are traveling solo the tour will cost them USD 400
A deposit amount of USD 1000 is required to book your spot while signing in for this package. For payment options, you can reach out to us using the contact form. There are options for bank transfer, check and PayPal also available.

Travel Insurance

We would advise you to purchase your own travel insurance to protect yourself and your trip investment while traveling.Since our tours don’t take the responsibility of flight cancellations, gear damage, medical expenses, accidents, natural disasters, delays or extended stays, sudden evacuations and other unforeseen contingencies.

Tour Leaders

Birding Tour

Supreet Sahoo

Detailed Itinerary

There is a lot to see and learn in the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica. The tour starts on November 22nd, 2019 and ends in the same place on 1st December. Flight fees are not included in the tour fee. Remember, entry to Costa Rica requires a valid visa. Please get in touch with us beforehand to get the visa application for your tour process. This takes at least two weeks.

If you are not excited already, here is the detailed itinerary of the photo tour giving you something to look forward to-

Day 1: Arrival in Costa Rica

On the day of your arrival at Costa Rica, you will be received by our tour representative at the airport. From there he will take you to the hotel which is very close to the airport. That night you can spend at the hotel. If you can reach the hotel early enough then you will have time to photograph the beautiful flowers in the garden, our hotel is a great space where you can start warming up for the journey ahead. Please note that the meals for this day is not a part of the itinerary but the breakfast next day is included in the tour package.

Day 2- Drive to Atlantic Lowland Rainforest and overnight

Drive to the lodge at Atlantic Lowland Rainforest range where the first series of bird photography will begin. In the evening our tour leader will share with you their photography techniques he uses to click subjects in a tropical rainforest setting and will also discuss the photo editing techniques in detail. Both lunch and dinner is a part of the tour package. Overnight stay at the lodge.

Day 3: All Day photography and overnight at Atlantic Lowland Forest

The shooting will commence in the early morning light from the lodge’s deck. This is a fabulous opportunity to learn how perches are selected and photography setups are done at the feeders.

Post breakfast the next intensive session will begin, where you will be shooting the King Vulture from a specially designed hide created by award-winning Hungarian wildlife photographer Bence Máté, who pioneered the one-way glass photography technique used widely in nature photography.

We will return for lunch and a post-lunch third session of photography will be held at the Lodge Manager’s house. Here you can capture the beautiful Honeycreepers through a Blind-One setup. You will also have a thrilling time clicking the famous Hummingbirds via the special multi-flash hummingbird setup. In this session, we will set our eyes for the Green Honeycreeper, Red Legged Honeycreeper, Shining Honeycreeper, Blue Dacnis, and the Chestnut colored woodpecker. You might hit upon many other surprises not mentioned in the list.
After the all-day shooting experience, we will sit back and review the images taken.
Note that all meals- breakfast, lunch, and dinner are a part of the package

Day 4: All Day photography and overnight at Atlantic Lowland

On this day you will have multiple subjects to shoot. Post breakfast, we will shoot more birds at the feeders.
We will work on creating a special camera set up so that you can photograph the vividly hued Strawberry Poison Dart Frog, Red Eyed Tree Frog, Green, and a Black Poison Frog to name a few. You might even spot the Eyelash Vipers and other reptiles during the shoot.
There will be thrilling night photography on this day where you can catch up with the bats!
All three meals are included on this day as well.

Day 5: Transfer to Sarapiquí Rainforest Preservation Area and overnight

Early morning on the 5th day we will drive towards a private farm with a restricted access at Sarapiqui Rainforest Preservation Area where the next shooting adventure will begin. At this farm, you will spot the Honduran White bats, Spectacled Owls, and some other rare local species.
There will be delicious home cooked lunch for you on this day which you can enjoy while interacting with the local guides
After a short nap at the lodge, we will make our way towards the most popular frog photography location. We will make the most of the afternoon by clicking great macro images of the red-eyed tree frog, glass frog, eyelash viper and many other species that you will spot during the session. Here is a great opportunity to get an introduction Macro Photography from the experts.

Day 6-7: All day photography at Sarapiquí Rainforest Preservation Area and overnight

On days 6 and 7 We will visit several private farms to spot the red and green Macaws. We will also go for many bird walks to spot rare birds the wild.
Have a relaxed evening after the day’s photographic adventure.
All three meals are included

Day 8: Transfer to Talamanca Forest and overnight stay

After an early breakfast on this morning, we will drive through the scenic Talamanca mountain range to reach the high cloud forests located at the edge of the Pacific side of the Continental divide. Here farms are run by a collaborative effort of the lodge owners and local farmers.
After a lovely drive and settling in the lodge we will spend the rest of the afternoon photographing the multi-hued high altitude Hummingbird species like Fiery-Throated Hummingbird, Green Violet-Ear and the Magnificent Hummingbird.
All three meals breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

Day 9: All day photography at the Talamanca Cloud Forest and overnight stay

The pre-breakfast shoot will be really special on this day as we will go looking out for Costa Rica’s most prized Resplendent Quetzal along with the lodge owner. Our lodge owner and his family have started an interesting project along with the local farmers to protect the Quetzal and monitor their movements. This strong network will maximize our chances of spotting the world-famous Quetzal.
After breakfast, we will again focus on multi-flash hummingbird photography. Here is a chance to clarify all your previous doubts and click more hummingbirds. We will also photograph other birds as well that come near the bird feeder setups.

Day 10: All day photography at the Talamanca Cloud Forest and proceed to the hotel at San José

We have reached the last leg of the super exciting bird photography and the morning will be spent shooting outdoors.
Then we will go back to our hotel in San José and have lunch.
Post-lunch we will review the images taken for the last time. Here again, you will get all your queries answered by our tour leader.
Please note that dinner is not included in the package for the last night.

Day 11: Transfer to airport for your flight back home

After ten days of intensive and thrilling photography at the Cloud forests of Costa Rica, it is time to head home with a lot of memories to share and stories to tell.

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