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The Atlantic Forest of Brazil better known as Mata Atlântica is greener than you can imagine! The Atlantic rain-forest is unique in the way it houses different kinds of jungle ecosystems or biomes, right from moist broadleaf forests to tropical grasslands. The forest covers the Atlantic coast of Brazil right from Rio Grande Do Norte in the North to Rio Grande Do Sul in the South and extends far into Paraguay and Argentina.
What makes travelling to Atlantic rain-forests so exciting is that this ecological zone receives significant rainfall and is teeming with numerous species of plants, nearly 140 terrestrial mammal species, and a multitude of amphibians and birds. You would be surprised to learn that about 60% of vertebrate species in the Atlantic forest of Brazil are endemic, which means you can’t find them anywhere else in the world! There are at least 950 bird species found in the Atlantic forest, most of them are elusive like the Red-billed Curassow, Brazilian Merganser and several endangered varieties of parrots.
Most of the birds, animals and plants found here are rare and fall under the threatened list. You must see them before they are lost from the face of earth, and maybe once you return you can spread the word through your amazing images that the Atlantic Forest has to be saved from human onslaught! Whats more, scientists have reported that many new species are being discovered in the Atlantic Lowland Forests, which is a significant development welcomed by naturalists across the world.
You will have the adventure of your life as the photo tour will not only cover the Atlantic Lowland forest, but also the forests lying in the Southwest of Brazil and along the coastal edge. For instance, Tapirai in the Atlantic forest falls under the Serra do Mar Environmental Protection Area and is filled with scenic natural attractions. This place will offer significant opportunities for landscape and nature photography while you unravel the beauty of the forests and its vibrant inhabitants. Ubatuba on the coastal belt is also a great place filled with breathtaking views. The beaches here are popular for world famous surf contests and its cheerful ambience.
Come and see a different side of Brazil and soak in the sights and sounds of the Atlantic rain-forests!

What to See

Brazil has far more to offer than just coffee and football to the world – its rich biodiversity has made it a must visit destination for nature lovers and photographers across the world. It is also a great experience to stay at the lodges amidst the rain-forest, away from the madness of the city life, sit back and relax and at the same time learn something entirely new. This is what makes our photo tours super exciting and class apart!
Feeders will be set up near the lodges where you can spot the many avian species that can be found in the forest.

  • Saffron Toucanet
  • Green-billed Toucan
  • Magpie Tanager
  • Yellow-fronted Woodpecker
  • Azure-shouldered Tanager
  • Violet-capped Woodnymph
  • Maroon-bellied Parakeet
  • Green-headed Tanager
  • Brazilian Ruby
  • Swallow-tailed hummingbird
  • Festive Coquette
  • Saw-billed hummingbird
  • Black-throated Grossbeak
  • Blue Dacnis
  • Brassy-breasted Tanager and many more species
  • Spend 9 nights and 10 days in the rich and lively Atlantic rain-forests and have the time of your life discovering the flora and fauna.
  • Get to see many birds, mammals and plants that are exclusive to the Atlantic rain-forests and are on the endangered list
  • Experience the different forest ecosystems during this tour as the Atlantic rain-forests is full of surprises for the avid nature lover and photographer alike.
  • Get a chance to learn how to select and create different camera setups to get the award-winning shot right from the experts.
  • Get a hands-on experience in nature and bird photography – learn new techniques and get a chance to get all your doubts cleared by our experts
  • Get a chance to know more about the plants and animals living in the Atlantic rain-forests during the morning nature trails.
  • Learn how to create perfect compositions while shooting at the feeders and and get advise on the camera setups
  • Learn photo-editing techniques so that all your images look perfect and natural
  • Indulge in bird, wildlife and landscape photography in world’s most abundant rainforest and get the true feel of the jungle.

The trip will begin on July 12th, 2019 and will end on 21st July 2019, so now is the perfect time to book your spot for this trip.

Departure Dates for 2020:

July 3rd – 14th 2020 ex – Sao Paulo (Airport code – GRU)
July 17th – 27th 2020
Aug 15th – 23rd 2020

Please read all the terms and conditions before signing up for the photo tour.
You can reach out to us by signing the contact form below.
If you want a private tour or want to get your tour customised please write to us.

  • How to use fill flash while shooting in the tropical forests
  • Our expert tour leaders will teach you to select and create the perfect camera setups so that you can get that ‘wow’ image, you always desired.
  • How to create perfect compositions
  • Photo editing techniques by using Lightroom and Photoshop. After all, well composed images deserve final touch-ups!

We usually keep our group very small so that we can pay individual attention to all our guests. The number of participants doesn’t exceed more than eight so that our tour leaders can focus on everyone’s photographic needs and the minutest details.


This photo tour costs US $3900 per head in shared accommodation
For single supplement the cost will be an additional US $400
You must deposit an amount of US $1000 to book your spot for this photo tour
Please reach out to us using the contact form for payment options. Please note that you can pay via bank transfer, check or PayPal.

Travel Insurance

It is advisable that you purchase travel insurance to protect your trip investment and yourself while traveling. According to our company policies we can’t take responsibility for contingencies like flight cancellations, medical expenses, gear damage, loss of gear, accidents, natural disasters and extended stays to name a few.

Tour Leaders

Birding Tour

Supreet Sahoo

Sergio Gregorio

Detailed Itinerary

Brazil has a lot to offer in terms of biodiversity right from the Atlantic rain-forests up to the coasts of Rio De Janerio, making the country a haven for both bird and wildlife photographers! Whether you are a nature lover turned photographer, a hobbyist or a professional photographer – join us in a quest to discover Brazil and its hidden treasures.
While at Brazil, you can understand the difference between watching exotic birds on a television screen versus seeing them in their natural habitat while getting the true taste of the jungle life, right from sunrise to sunset. If this doesn’t make you a storyteller, then what will!

Day 1: Arrive at the airport and transfer to the hotel, overnight at the hotel.

Arrive at São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport where our tour representative will receive you and drive to the hotel. You can spend the first evening enjoying the sights and sounds of the city, or you can take the three hour drive to the lodge at the Atlantic Lowland rain-forest where the photo tour will begin the next day.

Day 2-5: Intense photo tour in the Atlantic Lowland Rainforest.

  • Tapirai is a perfect destination to spot the beautiful Saffron Toucanets, Red Breasted Toucan, Hummingbirds and Tanagers to name a few rare birds that you will get to capture with your lenses.
  • We will not only be shooting at the feeders, but we will also create camera setups to shoot these rare birds of bright hues. The mornings will be well spent doing nature trails in search of more birds, the monkeys and the Agouti. If these are the names you have so long seen or heard, this is your chance to get really close to them!!
  • After the day’s photoshoot is over the evenings will be spent reviewing all the images that you had taken the entire day. Here you can get all your queries answered by our expert tour leaders and learn all their techniques and award-winning tips to take home the perfect picture while shooting in the wild. You will also get a hands-on training on the photo-editing techniques from the experts. This is your best chance to learn nature photography from the very best photographers!
  • Lunch and dinner are included in the package.

Day 6-7: Transfer to South-West of Brazil to capture more rare birds with your lenses.

After an early breakfast we will drive towards our next destination in the Southwest of Brazil.
The lush green forests in the Southwest of Brazil is a home to the multi-hued Blue Dacnis, Saffron Finch and Brassy Breasted Tanager to name a few elusive birds you can spot here. After the day’s intensive photo tour, you can relax in the evening while reviewing the images you clicked in the wild with our tour leaders. This trip is your golden opportunity to become an ace bird and nature photographer and go home with an amazing portfolio!
Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included for both the days.

Day 8-9: Transfer to Ubatuba to indulge in some more bird photography

Ubatuba is not just “the surf capital of São Paulo” but a birdwatcher and photographer’s paradise. The verdant forests brimming with life and the beautiful beaches makes it a tourist hotspot.
Located in the western edge of Brazil Ubatuba has a coastal forest where you have high chances to spot the Blond crested woodpecker, Brazilian ruby, saw Billed Hermit, Ruby Crowned Tanager and a host of other bird species. You will be awed to see how many colours nature has painted the world with!
During our stay at Ubatuba we will shoot near the feeders to capture as many birds as possible. We will also learn how to create perfect compositions to get the best images while shooting.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included for both the days.

All three meals breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

Day 10: Transfer to the airport.

This is the last day of the eventful photo trip in Brazil, after which you take a private transport to get back to São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport for your journey back home.

We hope you had a great time and we look forward to seeing you in more such action-packed photo tours. Hasta la vista!

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