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It is our team of talented wildlife and nature photographers who make Tropical Photo Tours a much sought-after photo-travel company. Let’s get acquainted with them-

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Supreet Sahoo

He is an ace birdwatcher and photographer from India and his work has been widely published in reputed publications like the BBC Earth and Sanctuary Asia. His love for the woods was born while he was a child exploring the forests of India. His photographs of vivid birds and animals from the forests of Central and South America shows his deep love, understanding and respect for nature. He has been on several photo expeditions in India and abroad and has vast experience in the field of nature, bird and wildlife photography. So, whether you are a novice or an experienced photographer there is a still lot you can learn from him while on our photo tours.
He has worked closely with the guides and naturalists of Central and South America to create a reliable and strong supply network so that his guests can not only experience the tropical wildlife from very close quarters but also enjoy a seamless photo-vacation. He realised that he wanted to share his experience from the wild with the world and welcome eager photographers to join his ever-growing community of nature lovers and photographers. That’s how Tropical Photo Tours was born!
With Supreet as a mentor you will get the best guidance to click some stunning images of the unique birds, and that’s what makes his tours class apart. He is always eager to acquire new knowledge and inspiration from fellow photographers and loves to share his experiences from the wild with everyone. You can follow his work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and his website by clicking the logos below-

Surela Chakraborty

Content Head

Surela is a freelance feature writer whose work has been widely published in both print and digital media. She loves to write on a variety of subjects like health, fashion, food, travel, Birding Tours and socially relevant introspective articles. Her forte lies in research and searching for the tiny details. She is largely self-motivated and loves new challenges that makes her think creatively.If you would love to follow her work, click on to-

Birding Tour

Sergio Gregorio

Sergio is an expert bird and nature photographer from Curitiba, Brazil. Originally from Londrina, where he completed his studies, he now calls Curitiba his home. A nature lover since his younger days, his passion for birds grew intense over the time making photography more than just a hobby Sergio is one of the most knowledgeable naturalist and bird photographer from Brazil which makes him a valuable addition to our team of experts. When he is not clicking amazing close-ups of birds in the forests of Brazil, he teaches Exercise Physiology at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR)

Jorge Gabriel Campos

Jorge grew up in La Fortuna, a small city located in the Alajuela province of Costa Rica. The beautiful landscape of his motherland inspired him to become a nature lover right from his childhood. His passion for birds developed when a friend informed him about a bird named “Branches Broke” (also known as the White Collared Manakin) which was trying to woo the female. Jorge was then 15 years old and his inquisitiveness compelled him to take a walk near the river. This was when he heard branches breaking or someone snapping their fingers and went in search for the source of this interesting sound. He then spotted the incredible bird! This is when Jorge decided to pursue as a naturalist and birdwatching guide and there has been no looking back since. Jorge joined TPT with one aim – To build the best bird photography tour company in Latin America!

Shilpa Kendurkar Sahoo

Shilpa is an ardent nature lover and a budding enthusiast of photography. With her Consulting and Client Support experience, she plays the vital role in achieving seamless customer experience and suggesting methods to enhance company’s work plans.

Some Testimonials From Our Clients

We had an amazing experience with tropical photo tours. The team was very helpful and the tour was fabulous and every penny was worth it. Thanks to our tour leaders for making our tour memorable


If you are someone who is planning a trip with Tropical Photo Tours, then go for it. They are the best in organising tours as their service, tour leaders, guidance everything is best and that too in very affordable price. Thankyou Tropical Photo Tours for making my trip worthwhile.

AnanyaNew Delhi

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