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Panama has vibrant wildlife, as we all know. It is called a paradise for bird lovers because it is home to bird species that are never seen elsewhere. Let’s learn about some fascinating Panama birds.

Snow-Bellied Humming Bird:

You might have heard the name Hummingbird earlier, but you haven’t heard about Snow-Bellied Hummingbird until and unless you are a bird enthusiast. Yes! Hummingbirds are very common in Costa Rica, Panama and Columbia but the one with that Snowy colour is not. Snow-Bellied or Snowy-Breasted Hummingbird costa rica bird photo tours is the rarest species of Hummingbirds found in Panama. They are a tiny creature with head to the tail measurement around just 10cm (of course it will be short, after all it’s a Hummingbird). They carry a metallic greenish color on their head and upper chest portion. And they have their Back and Rump in Metallic Copper color. If they are from the Eastern part of Panama, then they might have a Coppery tail. But, if they are from the Western region, then they might have a Blue-Black coloured seat. The most beautiful thing, for which they are named is that snowy white-coloured chest and belly. Though, during the panama photo tours, tourists who visit there should consider themselves very fortunate if they can see one. If a photographer can capture them in a frame, then man you have got some tough luck on your side.

The Harpy Eagle:

The Villain is in the house now!

There is always a craze for the hero in a movie, but if the Villain is very decent, good looking and attractive, people fall for villains.

Yeah, one of the food chain leaders, Harpy Eagles, is rarely seen in Panama while having a Panama Photo tour, but you are fortunate if you can spot one then man.

Haven’t you heard about its Physical features yet? And that’s why you must be thinking that why Harpy Eagles are so much valued. Isn’t it?

Okay, so a Harpy Eagle can weigh between 3 to 9 kilogram’s and stand as tall as 36-41 inches. These raptors have a very sharp and curved beak which is enough to tear apart it’s prey. They have a dark grey or black coat over their body and a white belly. It seems like they are wearing a tuxedo. Now, why it is called decent?

It’s all about the looks, let’s sum up their entire look. A crown on head, tuxedo on body, sharp beak and stern-looking face with 36-41 inches of a fight. It is one of the most majestic birds present on earth and is always termed the strongest raptor.

You won’t believe that a Harpy Eagle has a wingspan of around 6.5 inches. Well, it can cover an NBA player under its wingspan. If this too didn’t surprise you, then you must doubt yourself about the fact, whether you find birds exciting or not (especially raptors). There are many mythological facts related to Harpy Eagles, and also there are rumours that they harm humans, but the guides present at Panama are an expert, and the bird is not as cruel as considered.

The Great Tinamou:

So, when you will be on a trip to Panama, walking along with your group the whole day and it’s time for the sun to set. Your guide will ask you to move towards your shelter, and you all will leave. Suddenly you will hear a quavering and very mournful sound powerfully striking your ears. You will be alarmed and suppose you will rush to see what that thing is exactly? As soon as you reached near the voice, a cannonball type of thing is suddenly launched in the bush, and you are now double horrified.

Now you must be wondering what I am talking about.

Well, that singing cannonball was a Great Tinamou. Yes, well sorry to take all that time to narrate you all this, but it is precisely what happens in Panama. You can’t see a Great Tinamou easily but hear it. A brown colored big rooster kind Panama bird with barred up the skin, Great Tinamou, is the bird which is seen can again prove you a lucky person. Though guides present there might make a favorable chance to let you see them, but if you are on your own, it’s quite challenging.

Lesser Violet-ear:

You must be wondering why am I talking about rare Panama Bird only but not those which can easily be seen. Okay, let me now tell you about one of the most beautiful tiny birds in Panama and the whole world. Yes, I am talking about the Lesser Violet-ear or the Mountain Violet-ear. It is a type of medium-sized hummingbird which is of about 12cm in size. These birds are all glittery and are considered as the prettiest bird in Panama. People are always astonished with its colour, and Photographers try to seek some mesmerizing frame where the beauty of Lesser Violet-ear is exposed. This bird consists of a shining green body above with a glittering violet ear-patch. Yes, that ear-patch is the reason why it is named like that. Well, it is impossible to see a bird with such vibrant and beautiful colors and the way they flap their wings to maintain their flight, it just melts the viewers’ heart. Photographers on a Panama Photo Tour try to capture a solo frame or a shot with a smaller flock of these birds.

Some of you might be wondering, is it just the beauty which makes Lesser Violet-ear the celebrity of Panama rainforest or do they have some talent as well?

Well, a Lesser Violet-ear is a good singer also. It’s “tsu-Zeek, tsu-Zeek” voice charms the entire rainforest, and tourists love it a lot.

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