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Custom Photography Tour

At Tropical Photo Tours we realize that each photographer has their favorite subject and their own style of capturing images. Our tailor-made custom photo tours are curated in a way to suit your special photographic needs. So, if you would like to explore places that are off the beaten tracks with your friends who share the same passion then Tropical Photo Tours is a great place to start.
We take care of the minutest details, right from your interests to the logistics like accommodation and meals, so that your joy of discovering nature is not diluted by unnecessary stress. Our streamlined custom tours will give you what you always desired- an opportunity to create fabulous images in exotic tropical locations and receive hands-on training from expert tour leaders.
Currently, we are providing custom tours in South Texas, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and the Himalayas and we are surely looking forward the expansion in the future so that our guests get more exceptional photo opportunities.
The customized photo workshops are designed keeping in mind the kind of subjects or species you would like to capture, the locations you want to visit and where you would like to put up – the detailed planning is done only after we have a candid, heart to heart conversation with you to ascertain your specific needs.

What makes our custom tours stand out is that we provide in-depth knowledge about tropical rain-forests, how to shoot there and challenges that need to be overcome. The strategy we teach you to overcome challenges of shooting in a rain-forest will help you in your nature photography in years to come. Moreover, you get a chance to learn from expert bird and wildlife photographers who bring about years of experience of shooting on the field and who’s award-winning images have been widely published in highly sought-after nature magazines.

If you want to reach out to us to know more about the custom tours, please write to us at or click here for more details. We will keep adding new locations to our lists, so to stay updated please keep in touch with us. Please stay clued to our social media pages to know more about our new tours.

Well, this depends on the kind of photographic activities you are planning to do and what you seek to learn. Here is some basic equipment that you can carry-

  • A digital SLR and a lens of 300mm or greater.
  • A tripod is recommended
  • A wide angle lenses
  • A flash

We generally impart both theoretical and on-field instructions on-

  • How to compose an image perfectly
  • Understand the use of light since it forms a basic element in any type of photography
  • How to capture birds in flight
  • Tips to create a basic camera set up to get a clear and natural shot
  • Digital Workflow


The cost of the trip is calculated based on the locations, a number of people traveling, the number of days, the mode of travel, accommodation and food preferences and other factors. So, the price of the trips varies based on the tour calendar or when you are planning to travel and nature of activities.  These are some of the basic parameters, but we can give you a quote once we get to know about the kind of photo trip you are planning to undertake.

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