Raw Workflow

By Surela Mukherjee | January 15, 2019 While I have some other articles on how to set your camera for success in the rain forest this one specifically aims at the editing of the raw files. I will use one of my frog images shot in Costa  Rica during one of my workshops to demo how I edit the raw file from start to end. If you are interested in knowing the workflow after raw conversion, please… blog2-1-1

Top 13 Tips to Improve Your Photography

By Surela Mukherjee | January 16, 2019   The era of modern digital photography is indeed a boon for passionate wildlife and bird photographers just like me in terms of affordability and advancement of technology. In the last decade, there has been a steady rise of photographers who have been exploring wildlife photography with renewed interest. Social media forums like Flickr, Facebook, Instagram have also provided a platform for photographers to share their work. I couldn’t imagine… Painted Bunting of South Texas_compressed25

Painted Buntings of South Texas

By Surela Mukherjee | January 16, 2019 The vibrant Painted Buntings always captured my imagination and my dream to create amazing images of this bird took me to South Texas. I pre-planned a two-day action-packed photo-tour along with a good friend and the owner of the best birding ranch in South Texas in the month of May. Though the aim of the trip was to click as many images of the Painted Buntings, the key was our… White eared jacamar_tpt

Ecuadorian Amazon bird photo tour trip report

By Surela Mukherjee | April 3, 2019 White Eared Jacamar As soon as our photo adventure at the highland cloud forests of Northwest Ecuador ended, we reached the town of Coca and to experience the beauty of the dense Amazon forest firsthand. Reading about Amazon forests and getting to experience it from close quarters is truly a dream come true for avid bird lovers! After a short break at Quito by soaking in the sights and sounds… costa-rica-tour_

Costa Rica Trip Report

By Surela Mukherjee | May 9, 2019 Pale-Billed Woodpecker We have been to Costa Rica several times, but it is never enough, and to photograph all the birds you find here in one go is difficult considering the country’s eco-diversity. Costa Rica beckons you again and again to come and explore her natural abundance, no wonder the word ‘Pura Vida’ or “Pure life” makes so much sense here. With a wide range of subjects, there was never… 6 300x241 square | Tropical Photo Tours

How to Protect Your Camera from Humidity

By Surela Mukherjee | May 8, 2019 The humid climate of the tropics is not camera-friendly at all and one must take adequate precautions to keep their camera dry and mold-free. The moisture in the air is the number one enemy of the camera as it attracts molds and fungus that settles in the nooks of your favorite gear. Yes, you can throw in some silica gel sachets as a quick fix solution, but your gear deserves… Ecuador bird photo tour trip report_compressed25

Ecuador bird photo tour trip report

By Surela Mukherjee | April 17, 2019 Velvet Purple Coronet There is never a dull moment during our Ecuador bird photo workshops, in fact, all of us are hard-pressed for time, since the country has so many species to offer. The beautiful forest lodges are well equipped with feeders, towers, canopies, and raptor blinds from where you will not only get a vantage point to spot the birds but also fantastic photo opportunities of the rare and… camera backpack 1 300x300 square | Tropical Photo Tours

Choosing the Perfect Camera Gear for a New Bird Photographer

By Surela Mukherjee | May 8, 2019 Ideal Waterproof Camera Gear Bag pack If you are the one who goes bonkers over the stunning images of birds and wildlife on social media by bird photographer and is planning a maiden voyage to the jungles of South America to discover them first hand, here is a detailed guide for you to choose an effective camera gear. This will be that camera you will develop an inseparable bond while… Photo tours

Top spots to Bird watch in South America with Tropical Photo Tours

By Surela Mukherjee | February 11, 2021 Every venture starts with a vision. A vision that shapes what a company is made up of and what it actually desires. Tropical Photo tours also was started with a clear motive of helping photographers, nature-lovers and wildlife conservationists witness and experience the beauty of Tropical Rainforests in various countries, ensuring we stay true to the ethics of the regions. Thus, our main focus is to help people to explore… image006

Costa Rica 2020 march trip report

By Supreet Sahoo | October 21, 2020 This year, we had two back-to-back Costa Rica tours . But unfortunately due to covid we had to cancel the April tour and postpone it to 2021. After our welcome dinner and a brief talk about what to expect, we all got a good night’s sleep, excited for the days to come. After breakfast the next morning, we loaded our luggage onto our Coaster bus and began our 3.5-hour trip to… Colombia Workshop trip report_compressed25

Colombia Workshop Trip Report

By Surela Mukherjee | June 11, 2019 Cock Of The Rock The avifauna of Colombia has 1851 confirmed species, of which 81 are endemic. This beautiful country has become one of the hottest birding destinations in the world. From stunning hummingbirds to the vibrant tanagers along with the active Antpittas that inhabit the forests, the guests were able to capture these and many more species during our workshop. During our <a href=”https://tropicalphototours.com/the-colombia-tour/”>Colombia bird photo tour</a>, our guests…

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